PART III of an EXCHANGE: Just as your performance of The Last International brought a broad smile to my face so this response drew tears such that I had difficulty reaching the end of your letter. How is it you discern so well my struggles? [Read More…]

PART II of an EXCHANGE: It has been several days now since we returned from New York and our performance of the Last International. After every work that takes time to gestate, there is a process of unwinding, of finding ways and means to let the work seep in, to let it whisper, even after an iteration of it seems complete… [Read More…]


PART I of an EXCHANGE: In tune with conviviality and wine, the script of The Time Symposium, part of Raqs Media Collective’s The Last International (2013), follows the structure of a menu with amuse-bouche, soup, starter, entrée, and dessert courses – a fine meal indeed! Fit for a holiday… [Read More…]

Roll over Chris Burden. Bypass Paul McCarthy’s gargantuan Lilliputians. Make way for a sexuality that leaves out boy toys and cartoons. Step in A.K. Burns who fashions freedom from the introspection of Francesca Woodman, the rage of Ana Mendieta, the openness of Annie Sprinkle, and the erotic bliss of Carolee Schneemann… [Read More…]

Theaster Gates considers his work as an expanded art practice. From his insightful tactics into his way of working, I’ve deduced seven take-away points… [Read More…]